Pork Cracklins | Small Batch Red Pear Lavender Jam

Small Batch Red Pear Lavender Jam

This is my first semi-failure with preserving foods at home.

The jam is simple enough to make – no peeling or exhaustive amounts of chopping produce is inovlved. The red pears are cored and cut into chunks, and cooked with sugar and a bouqet garni of lavender for just a perfect floral hint.

The flavor is outstanding. But it didn’t set up, so it’s not really jam. I probably didn’t cook it long enough – I did do a plate test, but it was probably still too runny.

No matter. This is more like red pears with lavender in heavy syrup. The fruit can be spooned onto a good slice of bread, or eat it over ice cream, in oatmeal, or by the spoon straight out of the jar. Not that I would ever do anything like that, no sir.

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