Malted Waffles

Malted Waffles

I’m not much of a breakfast person, but I’ll eat waffles anytime. I really wanted to like these but was a little disappointed.

The perfect waffle is crisp on the outside, light and airy inside. I don’t like to muck up the waffle with any syrup or anything, either. Maybe some butter and that’s it. I thought the malted milk powder would be a great flavor addition to these, but it didn’t really come through very strongly.

We didn’t hate the waffles, but we didn’t love them. They weren’t crisp (maybe that was my fault, the temp on the waffle iron might have been too low). At least they’re super easy to make. If you have the dry ingredients prepped the night before, they can be mixed faster than the waffle iron needs to heat up.

To get the recipe and see the other entries from this week’s Baked Sunday Mornings head on over to Baked Sunday Mornings.

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  1. Hey Sheri, your waffles look hearty I could imagine them with a side of bacon and maple syrup. I enjoyed the recipe but I agree with you the malt flavour didn’t really come through. Delicious anyway.

  2. Yours turned out great! I too mixed up the dry ingredients the night before to cut down on the preparation. My waffles would not crisp up but I figured it was the waffle griddle pan I was using. I was simply excited to make waffles from start to finish and enjoy them.

  3. Sheri…I found that mine didn’t crisp up the way they usually did either. And I kept cranking the setting up higher on my waffle iron with each batch! They were soft and chewy that’s for sure. And not big flavor with mine either….I think I used the wrong thing….I could only find ovaltine. So I jazzed mine up as a dessert waffle. But yours look beautiful. Such a great golden color…you would expect them to have a little crispiness to them! : )

  4. I was really hoping you’d make dessert out of these! I didn’t want to steal your ideal, but next time, i’ll totally do whipped cream and crushed malted milk balls! Too bad these weren’t your favorite… at least they weren’t too much trouble to make!

  5. Yours look really good and I wouldn’t have known that they weren’t crispy by the photo. My husband had his plain and really liked the flavor and he thought it was because of the malted milk. I found that when I put some in the oven it dried them out a bit and made them crisper on the outside. You just don’t want to leave them in there too long or they will dry out too much.

  6. I’m totally with you on the waffles not being crisp — but I also think it might be fixed with adjusting the cooking time and temperature on the waffle iron, I need some more practice! I still enjoyed them, though!

  7. I thought the malt flavor would be stronger, too, but we liked these. But, yours look great!

  8. I was worried with all that malt that the flavor would be overpowering…I guess I was relieved that it was not a stronger flavor, but I liked the way these cooked. I cooked them really hot and thought they turned out perfect…but we ate them immediately after they came off the iron.

    I did a little i-net research on malt, and I’m planning to use more of it more often…this is all a learning curve for me. I would never have thought to use so much malt on my own.

  9. we definitely have opposing views on syrup! i basically use waffles as a maple syrup delivery system!

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