Marshmallow Chocolate Cups

Marshmallow Chocolate Cups

What a nice little Easter treat – chocolate covered marshmallow!

These candies were super easy to make. A bit of time is required to coat the candy cups, but I didn’t mind it at all. The chocolate coating is a mix of dark and milk chocolates – not tempered. I considered using tempered chocolate but got lazy when it came time to make these.

Once the cups are coated, they go into the refrigerator to harden. The marshmallow filling – homemade, not some reincarnation of store-bought marshmallows – is piped into the cups, which are then coated by more chocolate. Super cute, super delicious.

To get the recipe and see the other entries from this week’s Baked Sunday Mornings head on over to Baked Sunday Mornings.

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  1. Oh yeah, I definitely need to make these.

  2. wow! they look absolutely perfect! i totally should have followed the recipe!

  3. i’ve already eaten two today! love!

  4. Wow, the smooth finish of your cups is flawless! I’m with you 100% on this one — super delicious!

  5. Yours look picture perfect!!! I cam impressed how your paper wrapper peels away from your cups. Great job :)

  6. When your post opened and I saw that first photo my brain went, “WOW!” I would love to bite into your candies. Perfection.

    Happy Easter!

  7. Your cups look perfect! I agree that these were so easy!

  8. What super-looking cups! Truly, they look like store-bought. Perfect little cups! I agree – these were much easier than I thought – almost bypassed these as I don’t like marshmallow (until now) – maybe it’s the homemade-ness! Great photo too!!!

  9. Very nicely done, Sheri!

    I wimped out on this challenge & did a make-up recipe instead.

    Happy Easter!

  10. Your mallow cups look terrific! I love the thick layer of marshmallow you got. I am addicted to this marshmallow recipe now.

  11. Wow! They look so yummy. Wish I could take a taste. Your cups look flawless!

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