Chocolate Coffee Cake with Dark Chocolate Ganache

Chocolate Coffee Cake with Dark Chocolate Ganache

I was a little nervous about this week’s Baked Sunday Morning project. Cakes aren’t a problem. Giant, three-layer cakes tend to be a challenge for me, though. They usually end up crooked or the buttercream somehow slides off. My decorating skills aren’t the best, either.

The first problem I had was lack of pans. I own two 8″ cake pans and several 9″ pans. Somehow I thought I had more than two 8″ pans, but realized I didn’t… after I had made the batter. Go ahead and judge, I didn’t prep my pans before I mixed the ingredients together. Rookie mistake.

I dug through all of my baking pans, looking for something even close, and there was nothing. So I baked two layers first, let them cool, then baked the third. The third layer was a little flatter than the first, but other than that it seemed to turn out fine, despite the batter sitting out on the counter for an hour.

Once the cakes are made, there isn’t much more to the cake. It’s spectacular to look at given how little work there is.

The buttercream is flavored with coffee extract. This is the classic Baked buttercream, starting with heated flour, milk and cream. I’ve never had any problems with this method – my Baked buttercream has always been great. But this time, it just never really came together. Tasted fine, just looked a little grainy and broken.

Thank goodness there’s ganache, which is poured over the chilled cake. Ganache covers a multitude of sins. I had a little bit too much, but went ahead and used it all up so my ugly buttercream was covered up. I kind of like how the ganache pooled at the bottom of the cake.

Our friend Dan stopped in with a couple of his buddies, perfect timing! They all got cake after a dinner out, plus some to take home. This is definitely a cake to share.

To get the recipe and see the other entries from this week’s Baked Sunday Mornings head on over to Baked Sunday Mornings.

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  1. Sheri your cake looks beautiful. I was a bit scared of the three layers, too high for my liking so I just froze the other layer. As you said a cake to share, our neighbours received some as well as our extended family.

  2. the icing is so weird, i agree! tasted fine, but it looked like raw cookie dough before you add the dry ingredients. i love the final look of the cake though! i would make it again but with the regular buttercream i normally use with coffee extract instead of vanilla.

  3. I understand your issues. Your cake looks delish and is beautiful. You just can’t get too much of that chocolate ganache…always a good idea. You did not plan for an extra pan but I did not plan for fridge space and that was a way bigger sin! This cake does take some planning but the taste is good.

  4. Wow! I debated whether to make this or not, and now I’m regretting that I didn’t. Your version turned out beautifully.

  5. Love all the ganache just oozing over the sides of the cake….it looks decadent and wonderful!

  6. your cake looks beautiful! never did finish my cupcakes :( but now i’m wondering about the frosting reading everyone’s posts…

  7. I love the beautiful cascade of ganache… your cake looks so yummy! (BTW, even though I have three 8-inch pans, I always bake them in two batches, since I can only fit two pans on one rack in the oven and I don’t like to use more than one rack at a time… So I always bake the third layer after it’s been sitting on the counter for about 40 minutes, and I’ve never had a problem.)

  8. I think it looks great, Sheri! This is the only time (out of 3) that I’ve been successful making Baked’s cooked buttercream frosting. I never seem to have the right diameter pans, but I do have 3-9″ pans, so I just use them! This ganache is so good!

    Thanks for posting my link!

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