Golden Egg Noodles with Creme Fraiche and Fresh Herbs

Golden Egg Noodles with Creme Fraiche and Fresh Herbs

I went with the handmade pasta from this recipe, but it can easily be made with dried pasta. Either way, once the pasta is in the water, this is a really simple dish.

The pasta dough is easy to work with and can easily be rolled out by hand. I love the Thomas Keller recipe for pasta dough but can’t always justify using all those egg yolks. This one uses bread flour and three eggs (plus some salt). I have a hand-crank pasta roller that belonged to my grandmother, but for the sake of time I went with my Kitchen Aid attachment instead.

I just used the pasta pot to make the sauce while the pasta was draining – a bit of garlic, then herbs and lemon zest, and creme fraiche to bring everything together. It’s really delicious, and perfect for a meatless weeknight dinner. For the pasta recipe, head over to here.

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  1. That look & sounds wonderful, Sheri! I’ve never made home made pasta, but I’m sure I will one of these days!

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