Salted Caramel Apple Pie

Salted Caramel Apple Pie

During my one and only visit to Four and Twenty Blackbirds pie shop in Brooklyn, I wasn’t piggy enough to order more than one slice of pie – so salty honey was my first choice. But a lot of people were buying slices of this apple pie, stuffed with thin slices of apple and dripping with salted caramel. It was a close second, and I was thrilled to find the recipe published on Cooking Channel.

Apple pie isn’t one of those things I do particularly well. I’ve got one recipe I use most of the time, and since it has a top crust that’s made up of pastry cutouts, I avoid the never-ending problem of pie shrinkage – where the top crust stays piled high and then there’s a space of about two inches before you get to the apples that have cooked down. I had confidence with this one, though, since it’s a lattice top.

I really like the thin slices of apple in this pie. I think it makes for a prettier, more interesting filling. I used a mixture of granny smith, mutsu and braeburn. Layers of sliced apples are alternated with layers of salted caramel before the lattice top goes on, and then there’s another drizzle of caramel to top it off.

I’m usually a pretty good judge of what Larry will like, and I was positive he was going to love this pie. He loves apple desserts, and probably likes caramel almost as much as I do. But he didn’t go nuts over this. I’m not sure why. He said he likes the other pie I make better. I’m still going to hold on to this recipe, because it’s a really pretty pie and is a little different – but it’s not becoming the gold standard.

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