Miso Harissa Delicata Squash

The more often I make recipes from Heidi over at 101 Cookbooks (and from her cookbooks), the more I’m convinced that this food is what I crave most. It’s comforting, heavy on the umami flavors, and hearty. I wouldn’t call it diet food – there’s still a healthy amount of fat involved, but it usually comes from sources such as nuts, avocado and good-for-you oils.

In this salad, salty marcona almonds provide both fat and protein. The almonds are a perfect foil for the creamy delicata squash (my favorite of all winter squashes). Every time I use harissa, I wonder why it’s not more of a go-to ingredient for me. It’s so good on the roasted squash and potatoes, which are then tossed with chopped kale and vinaigrette.

Baked French Toast
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