Vegan Pinto Bean Enchiladas

I love cookbooks. And I love reading what other people think about cookbooks I might be interested in, especially when there’s a recipe posted so I can sample for myself. This is why Cooks&Books&Recipes is one of my favorite sites. Naturally, I jumped at the chance to become a featured cook on the site, and here’s my first review: Vegan Family Meals. And there’s a recipe posted for incredibly good pinto bean enchiladas.

Serendipity intervened and the author of Vegan Family Meals, Ann Gentry, was having a dinner/conversation event at 18 Reasons in San Francisco last week, just as I was finishing up the review. I got to meet her and talk with her some more about cooking, recipes, and her food philosophy. That’s Ann on the left of the photo.

When you’ve finished reading the review, make the enchiladas. And then take a look at some of the other reviews and recipes on the site – I’ve got my eye on the cider-braised pork shoulder and the blackberry cornmeal cake.

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